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      • Download engineering section

        Download engineering section

        Download a copy of the engineering section of the catalogue

      • Download chemical resistant chart

        Download chemical resistant chart

        Download a copy of our chemical resistant chart

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        Fill credit application

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      • Supply


        Beyond being an authorized distributor for many major brands- Fabco is proud to offer our own signature brand of thermoplastic Pipe, Fittings and Valves. Our Chemkor products are manufactured in Canada and comply with North American ASTM design criteria for Materials and Tolerances.
      • Inventory


        With ~100,000 FT2 of warehousing and acres of yard space collectively across Canada, Fabco’s Inventory of our product range is second to none. Adding to our own capacity, our supply chain with our manufacturing partners is strong, offering you access to a collective of inventories as larges as it is efficient.

      • Delivery


        Coordination of materials to your location is important to you, so Fabco works hard to ensure that your order gets shipped quickly and efficiently. Our shipping managers maintain good relations with several local carriers to ensure responsive dispatch, no matter the destination. Within Southern Ontario, Fabco operates several delivery trucks to enable a timely, cost effective and secure drop off to your plant or jobsite.

        Speak with your Fabco Representative for options available to accommodate your needs for Expedited or Staggered Project shipments, we are willing to meet your schedule demands.

      • Pricing


        1. Our Substantial Inventories and Supply Chain efficiencies can extend our Firm prices beyond industry standards.
        2. Prepaid ?Freight allowances can be offered [based on minimum order size]
        3. Staggered product shipments can be offered based on your project demands- Reducing your payables schedule while assisting you in project management.